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Blue Skies
Blue Skies


There are three themes. Personal Stories, the Impact of the Troubles and the enduring Legacy.  There are many different stories some are humorous, and more are deadly serious. The overwhelming context is the enduring set of circumstances which arose for the Troubles era, as the Northern conflict spread its malign influence into the Republic. The Out of State influence on Policing and Security continues............


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Securing the Irish State

This comprehensive work is unique.

 It details one hundred years of policing and security in the Irish Republic. It is a first hand account written by an author who served at many different levels in the Policing and Security Service of Ireland. There is an excellent index and table of contents to assist the reader.

This is the story of a Force born out of a bloody War of Independence and launched in the teeth of the brutal Civil War which followed. During this time,  An Garda Síochána functioned almost exclusively as an unarmed police force.

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