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The Great Deception - Dublin & Monaghan Car Bombings 1974


The Dublin and Monaghan Car Bombings of 1974 were unspeakable crimes of wanton savagery, executed with total disregard for human life and suffering. Even in the context of the many atrocities committed at that time a barrier was crossed into the darkness. It is matter of profound regret that no one has been made accountable for these crimes. The memories of those dark days slip from the wider public consciousness but never from the memories of the Victims families and close friends. Thirty Four innocents were murdered that day. Much has been said and written about the culprits and much of the discourse has been coloured by competing political narratives. Many promises have been made and broken and there is no way that justice can prevail in the truest sense of that word. Personally I have spent many years researching the topic and, in this book, I intend to provide an honest appraisal based on the known facts and without fear orfavour. I invite the reader to form their own judgments.


Notwithstanding this analysis both Sovereign Governments, British and Irish owe the victims andfamilies a profound apology for failing in their primary duty to protect the innocent and for failing to showinterest in the crimes for many years.


The Great Deception - Dublin & Monaghan Car Bombings 1974

April 25
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