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The author has a broad range of policing expertise in many areas operationally and in management. This book will be of interest to the wider community as it gives an accurate insight into the whole concept of policing in Ireland

               Michael Fitzgerald

Former Detective Chief Superintendent John O’Brien has not merely given us simply another police memoir. He has also provided a unique insider’s view of the complex relationship between policing and politics in times of challenge.  Then, as a valuable bonus, he has set down an important narrative of the security mission, from a southern perspective, along the Irish border during the Troubles.

Conor Brady - Author

John I just downloaded it. It's a great read so far. Well done indeed the detail is amazing. A book that every Garda member present and past should read.

Vince Hughes Crime Stoppers Western Australia

John O’Brien spent thirty-eight years in An Garda Siochana at a time when the state and policing went through transformational change. From chasing paramilitaries along the border to putting together cases against gangland crime figures he accumulated huge experience, all of which he retells in his new memoir A Question Of Honour. The retired Detective Chief Superintendent is also a keen student of the interface of politics and policing and offers some strong opinions on where it works and where it doesn’t.


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