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Road Speed Detection Strategy is Inflexible since it was Privatised

The GOSafe Myth.....Privatised Speed Detection Contract

The contract prohibits GoSafe from adopting a flexible targeted approach to new areas of Speeding, they are absolutely anchored to rigid fixed points of detection that bear littler or no rationale to detecting the most dangerous drivers. The Garda Speed detection capacity has been emasculated over the last ten years..... Speed limits were revised over ten years ago but recommendations were not implemented, More Ground Hog Day thinking. Recently I was making a video in connection with my Book, The Troubles Come South - Murder and Mayhem and I included a comment on the Peace Dividend. Which meant in the 1990s the AGS probably for the first time started to focus on the horrendous Death and Injuries on our roads. This was the start of Operation Lifesaver. Unfortunately the strategies developed then have been forgotten, please listen..... Another example of ABG - ANYONE BUT GARDA

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