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The Troubles Come South - Murder and Mayhem

John is about to publish his latest book, The Troubles Come South, Murder and Mayhem.

There are three themes. In the first instance he recalls the events encountered during his policing career from 1968 to 2006 and subsequently to the present time. There are many different stories some are humorous, and more are deadly serious. The overwhelming context is the enduring set of circumstances which arose for the Troubles era, as the Northern conflict spread its malign influence into the Republic. The Troubles changed the profile of policing in a negative manner which forever altered a normal progression and evolution of policing. The greatest demands were made at the political level where the response was often inadequate and counter productive. The Northern influence still dominates. policing in modern times. John is also deeply involved in the Oral History project which is being promoted by the GSRMA (Garda Síochána Retired Association) and available on He is the author of two books on policing, A Question of Honour, Politics and Policing (2020) and Securing the Irish State (2022). This, his third book, is an adaptation of A Question of Honour.

The Book will be available from September 14 Initially from: Lettertec Publishing, Springhill House, Carrigtwohill Co. Cork 021 4883370 Priced €20 plus P&P

Inquiries to John at 01-2548442

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